Queen Street Campaign

What is the Queen Street Campaign?

A project of EN Consulting Group and UrbanID the goal of the project is to make Queen Street the defining public space for for Toronto. 

What would the new Queen Street public space look like?

Streetcars flowing freely through vibrant and accessible streetscapes.

What would happen on the new Queen Street?

People reading, shopping, hanging out, dancing, sitting in a café, experiencing public art, enjoying spaces that are dedicated to you more than getting from A to B. If we re-imagine Queen as a place/destination, than who knows what is possible? What can you imagine it being?

What would happen to the streetcars?

We know that Queen St. wouldn’t be Queen St. without its streetcars. Transit would get exclusive use of its own lanes, removing delays and obstructions, and improving service reliability. TTC CEO Andy Byford has called streetcars a core part of Queen Street’s “café culture.” This campaign would tie those more closely together.

How do we make it happen?

Dream!  Plan!  Act!


Contact us at: info@enconsulting.ca

Click the link to the right to download our info sheet: QUEEN ST PROJECT HANDOUT!