EN Consulting Group works in four related service areas that ensure clients can effectively engage and understand communities, stakeholders, media and government officials and plot a course for success.

Our consultants draw from a wealth of experience in the private, public and not-for-profit worlds, on topics ranging from brand awareness to greening neighbourhoods to online advertising and grassroots organizing.


EN Consulting Group facilitates workshops, strategic planing sessions and public meetings.

Public Consultation

EN Consulting Group works with our clients to develop, facilitate and manage effective public consultation programs.

Stakeholder Communications

EN Consulting Group helps clients engage effectively with their stakeholders, through direct liaison, media relations, targeted communications, and social media.

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Construction Liaison

EN Consulting Group provides specialized construction liaison services to assist residential or commercial developers to provide information to those impacted by any construction project, while proactively addressing queries and issues. We accomplish this through direct liaison with stakeholders, dedicated construction information websites, and social media.